About Sashani


Sashani Nichole


Hey!!! Nice to meet you. I’ll spare you the typical bio and tell you a bit about me and my LOVE for acting and film Q&A style. 

Favorite thing about acting.

  • EVERYTHING! I LOVE doing commercials. They are so much fun because you get to explore comedy, drama, and just being yourself. As a SAG-AFTRA actress, I have been blessed to have been cast in some pretty awesome national commercials. The latest spot being Nationwide Insurance with country star Brad Paisley. I’ve also played an edgy waitress, who desperately needed a 5 Hour Energy boost. 

Favorite character ever played.  

  • Most recently I was cast in a lead role as no nonsense civil rights attorney in a film called “Solomon!” 

Favorite Place.  

  • Ok that’s an easy one. Since I am from Jamaica, it’s a no brainer. I’m going to quote Dorothy on this one. “There is no place like home!”

Pick any movie in the universe to live. 

  • I would totally live in Zootopia. My close friends call me the wide eyed hopeful bunny, Officer Hopps. I’m not quite sure how to take that. She’s cute, tough, animated, and stars in her own movie, so I will take it!

Favorite Movie. 

  • Honesty it’s a toss up between The Matrix and Gladiator. Extra points to Trinity for that baaaad onesie.

Favorite Actor.

  • James Earl Jones

Most notable unexpected past accomplishment.

  • Working in radio was so cool. I loved every moment of it. Shout out to Bo “the Jammer” Daniels and Big Boy for giving me my start as Intern Ashanti at Detroit’s Channel 955. Another proud moment in my life occurred when I presented my first written work “Dreams on Miracle Street,” on stage, to four separate sold out audiences. It was a community faith based production that raised funds for substance abuse.

Hidden Talent.

  • Many people know me as a dancer, or photographer, but I’m a actually also a really good rapper. Everyone looks shocked when they hear me rap. I used to be in a hip hop gospel recording group. My old group won a few Dove awards.

Favorite TV show.

  • The highlight of my life happened when I was featured on my favorite television show ever, My Fair Wedding, which was planned by THE BEST WEDDING PLANNER ON THE PLANET, David Tutera!!!

One wish from a Genie.

  • Honestly, this is going to sound cliche but if I had one wish from a Genie, I would ask for World Peace! Because, I’m all about positivity, and…. I really am that bunny in Zootopia! (sigh) Haha.